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Suffering a family member’s death is often an emotional and challenging time as the loss is processed. Those experiencing grief have difficulty knowing what needs to be done, retaining information, and what questions need to be asked. SAGA has developed a network of trustworthy organizations, and we are available to attend appointments to ensure survivor’s interests are protected.



After losing a loved one, the next steps and overall process can feel mysterious and overwhelming. Kim and Angie have personally walked this path and have helped other survivors along, giving them the knowledge and understanding to be able assist those experiencing a recent loss.


Additionally, witnessing how a lack of pre-planning impacts survivors, SAGA promotes the necessity for establishing plans and communicating desires to loved ones.



We are here to assist as survivors process grief and begin to adapt to a new chapter of life. Certified as grief coaches, Kim and Angie offer emotional support and encouragement through personal relationships and compassionate care, and we lend our organizational and administrative skills to help survivors manage tasks they find overwhelming.


Additionally, to dispel the loneliness and isolation that is prevalent among many survivors, SAGA hosts local events to promote community and connection.

Phases of Support


Through our work, we witness firsthand the hardship that surviving family members face when a loved one has passed and did not plan for their estate or share their post-death wishes. While this is a topic that nobody desires to dwell on, we strongly encourage that people not only give thought to these arrangements but ensure that family members know what they are.


Pre-planning alleviates the guesswork for the surviving family members and also provides peace of mind that loved ones have the support and assistance needed in their absence. We seek to clarify the various components of basic estate planning and facilitate conversations to make this critical need easier.



The particulars of a loved one's death become a reality as the survivors are immersed in a "grief fog." The details can be daunting, both in volume and complexity. We are here to find answers, provide clarity and assist with administrative tasks. We also help with understanding and coordinating various benefits offered to survivors by government and community agencies.


SAGA recognizes that death and loss are events that touch each and every one of us.  Therefore, it is our policy and commitment that SAGA does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical or mental disability, marital status, religion and other areas of human difference.