It's been almost 4 months since my Chris went to heaven...

and I'm still standing, smiling, and living a great life. I owe so much to Survivor's Advocacy Group.  The 'widow's fog' is a real deal, and I could barely function through the mountain of medical debts and obligatory details of Chris' estate.  Kim and Angie literally held my hand through the process of sorting, organizing and handling of the multitude of complexities involving Chris' and my affairs.


In the last couple of weeks, I've gotten letter after letter forgiving almost all of the massive medical debts Chris left me. I've had a huge weight lifted from my shoulders and can finally breathe freely again.


If you or someone you know has recently lost their beloved spouse, I encourage you to contact Survivor's Advocacy Group. Not only can they be an amazing support, during a very difficult time, but in the process, you'll make the most incredible friends in Angie Creel and Kim Bradeen.

~Maria F.

Losing someone has proven to be the hardest challenge I’ve had to face.

It makes no difference whether you mentally prepare yourself for the emotional effects to follow or it comes out of left field.  The truth is that the brain fog and emotional rollercoasters are both true and a real effect that each of us will be stuck with after losing someone.


I lost my little sister on October 21st of 2021 to a vehicle accident. It completely came out of left field, and it felt like someone reached in and tore out my heart. My emotions where all over the place and I couldn’t think or focus clearly for days. I had no idea how to handle such a massive loss and impact to my life.


Thankfully I was put in contact with a good friend of the family who just so happened to specialize in helping people like myself navigate through all the logistics and legalities of losing someone. The organization is called Survivor's Advocacy Group and they truly have proven to be amazing. By amazing I mean knowledgeable, professional, organized, extremely thorough, compassionate, and patient. I felt as they took me by the hand and walked with me through one of the darkest moments of my life and led me into the light.


I know that sounds like a bit of a cliché, but I was truly in a dark place and had zero sense of direction regarding the steps you take after someone’s passing. I can’t stress enough how valuable this group has proven to be to both me and my family. And because of the positive impact they have made with me and my family, I fully recommend Survivor's Advocacy Group to anyone who is suffering the loss of someone and struggling with what steps to take next.

~Chris M.

I just want to acknowledge the wonderful, compassionate service you...

have provided me subsequent to the death of my aunt, Laverne Lindqvist, last August. Laverne was the sister of my late mother, but
I had not seen her for over 45 years. Other than occasional phone calls or greeting cards, our connections were very limited largely due to my living in Massachusetts, while she was out in Washington.

In early August I was notified by a hospital in the Olympia area of her serious illness and then her death on August 14. I was notified as I was listed on the hospital records as the only living relative. I was able to make funeral arrangements with the help of Diane at eCare Mortuary and during our conversations she mentioned the good work you provide for those challenged by issues associated with the various complicated needs in settling the affairs of a decedent.

When my husband and I reached out to you, we were met with an immediate and sincere interest in working with us on any matters that we needed to resolve, and with NO expectation of any fees. Our
situation had some particularly difficult aspects, but you proceeded to provide guidance and contacts that allowed us to come to some informed decisions, and even now you continue to work with us on
enduring "loose ends". And of course, all of this was compounded by our being some 3,000 milesaway and not able to travel to Washington.

Quite simply, I would never have been able to deal with all this without your earnest support. I was incredibly fortunate to get a pathway to your services, and I know others will similarly benefit from your invaluable commitment to helping those in need during difficult times.

My fondest regards to you.
JoHanna M.
Falmouth, Massachusetts

I am 66 and I had never had to deal with the affairs of a loved one...

after they unexpectedly passed away.
My husband's sister unexpectedly passed away in Jan 2023 at the age of 85. She lived by herself and my husband was her only living family member so the responsibility rested on him. Unfortunately he is disabled and was unable to handle any of the details of the cremation and the packing of Judy's apartment so it rested on my shoulders.

Purely by the grace of God, a friend hooked me up with Angie's ministry and once I called Angie, she helped me with the
whole administration process of Judy's affairs which was very overwhelming to say the least. Especially all the computer
work.  Angie was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and best one of all, very compassionate, during this stressful time, I couldn't have done this without Angie and I thank God for her gifting of service and administration.

Deborah P.

On December 21, 2022, my world came crashing down ...

when for the first time in over forty-one years, two months and nineteen days, I woke up without the lover of my life as he had passed away just the evening before on December 20, 2022.

I was blessed in the fact my husband had made sure I would be covered by a will, powers of attorney and other legal paperwork. I knew enough to know I had to contact our attorney, creditors, but honestly, I was in shock and not really sure who to contact first, who second or even who needed to be contacted.

I remember hearing about Survivors Advocacy Group and being in shock at my loss, I reached out to Angie Creel, the President, and told her I needed some guidance, I was lost and confused.

Angie met me at local coffee shop.  She was kind, caring and compassionate and prepared to meet me where I was in my grief. Angie asked me questions such as what I had done up to meeting her, who had I contacted and she listened through my tears.

At the end of the meeting, I had a printed game plan, a time frame and my next appointment set up with Angie to go over any issues that may have come up in the interim. I knew exactly what were my priorities on who to contact right away, who could wait awhile and who was not a priority.

I knew I had to contact my husband’s credit card holders, but I did not think I would also have to notify the three credit reporting bureaus, but Angie did and she even gave me the proper addresses and telephone numbers to reach out to these companies so I wouldn’t have to do it.

During our ‘interim,’ Angie reached out to me via text, telephone and updated me with emails if I needed things I could not find, Angie sure could.

Within three weeks, when our next appointment to meet was, my check list was completed, creditors notified, attorney notified, court filing completed, vehicles changed into my name, banks notified and Angie even made sure my husband’s voting registration was cancelled.

Angie and her partner Kim, work selflessly, compassionately, faithfully committed to helping those of us in the midst of loss, those that are about to lose a spouse or family member, by coming along each person to assist them in getting things done for life’s biggest heartache, the loss of a loved one.

I have recommended Survivors Advocacy Group to so people I know who are facing loss or even just retired not knowing how to prepare for a loss if it should come up and Angie and Kim meet each person where they are at their stage in life and help them be prepared and not left wishing they had taken care of things before a death.

I have never known an organization that is so committed to helping others in their time of need, that they do so out of their own finances and the generosity of those who can afford to donate to them. I cannot think of an organization more deserving of a grant to help continue the work they do than Survivors Advocacy Group.


Jean K.

I lost my step-father on September 2, 2021...

He was my best friend, he is still with me in my thoughts and memories today.

Fog doesn't even begin to describe the loss of your loved one or where to begin.  I can't even remember how I was blessed to be connected with Angie.

Angie and Kim held my hand and navigated through this process and me.  From contacting the credit bureaus, to getting all the legal papers filed to open up and estate.  Steps that I would not have known to take.

As I write this testimonial, the grief hits me like a torrent of waves.  Our family could not have done this properly or effectively without the guidance, compassion and extensive knowledge these ladies have.

The last piece of financial just came this last week.  The executorship can finally be closed with all aspects completed.  I could not have done this without the grace of God bringing these ladies to me to hold my hand.

They kept all the paperwork together, met with me and shared lunch and prayers.  Again, my family and I are forever grateful.  This non-profit is so special to me.

We all will lose loved ones, it is inevitable.  With their loving guidance they walk you through the process of settling accounts and protecting your loved one's good name.

~ Tina S.